What Are Backlinks?

What is this term backlinks? It’s a question I hear it a lot in the marketing space, and it seems to be a few different things to different people. Here in this article I’m going to discuss exactly what a back link is and what it isn’t and perhaps the different levels that a backlink can be classified into.

First of all, a backlink is a link linking back to your website. This link can come in several different structures, such as an image linking back to a website text linked or the cream of the crop which is hypertext that is keyword back lInked.

Let’s talk about the first type, image backlinks are when an ad is placed on a website or an image that has a backlink going to your website. The only value that this backlink has is traffic, because there is nothing for the Google spiders to crawl and therefore derive value upon inside the website code. Now traffic is still valuable, but as far as backlinks go, these are the least valuable type of backlinks.

Next type of backlink that is very popular and a lot of people think is a backlink is just the raw website URL on a page hyperlinked. Like www.yourbusiness.com link on the page considered to be a good back link by some directories and some businesses like Chamber of Commerces.

However, these only offer to build up of the key phrase of the specifics of that URL directly and only to itself, on which it would rank for anyways and therefore doesn’t pass any more value than or if it does pass any more value than image like it is only marginal.

And finally the most valuable type of backlink is the type of links that we create here on SEO Billings MT which are called contextual key phrase hypertext backlinks. This means that the key phrase such as “web design Billings Montana” would be highlighted and then hyper it linked to the website that has a web design firm locally inside of Billings, Montana. This will create the most value for that web design firm and none of the other examples above will provide the same level of long-term return. Even though image-ad backlinks are popular and done by a lot of radio stations and magazines and newspapers all across the country doesn’t That the spiders will be able to read properly and essentially only traffic is counted.

High amounts of traffic. The one X factor in this discussion are high traffic websites that can send large volumes of qualified traffic to a website that ends up converting/value-adding to analytics. In this case, an image based ad on this website that drives lots of targeted & quality traffic (1000+s daily) would offer value add to the bank. This is a interesting study because the traffic needs to be steady, sustainable and gaining to cause increase in the value of local search (SEO). Ultimately chase the text contextual backlinks and purchase traffic volume according to the cost of the average customer aqcuisition subtracted from the average customer spend X .10 to create a percentage of marketing dollars that should be put in every month to these types of campaigns. Just like investing, Google Ad words andimage based advertising should be done like dollar-cost averaging and purchased in small amounts every single month automatically so that the business doesn’t even notice it from the bottom line.

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What are your thoughts on the value proposition of backlinks? Which do you prefer?

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