The 8 Levels of Backlinks

Did you know that there are 8 levels of backlinks? I realized this when putting together our backlink program and deciding who to choose to participate in it.
These levels of backlinks are assembled by how geographically close the other website that’s backlinking is to your business and whether or not the other business is in a related field or not.
This is what Google looks at when they are counting the value of backlinks to your website. Assembled here are the 8 different levels of backlinks when looking for SEO, starting with:
1. Same Industry / Same City
This is the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to backlinks. So if you are a plumber in Billings, getting a link from a plumbing supply store that’s also located in Billings would be a huge win for your website SEO.
2. Different Industry / Same City
A still high-ranking backlink is from a non-related industry business that is also in the same city as your business. In our plumber example, this might be a construction company that also resides in Billings backlink.
3. Same Industry / Same State
Another top-level backlink, would be a same industry business that is in the same state. This may be a plumber in Missoula linking to the plumbing business in Billings.
4. Different Industry / Same State
A little less valuable backlink, but still a good one nonetheless, is a different industry business that’s located in the same state. This might be a florist in Helena linking to the plumbing business in Billings, for example.
5. Same Industry / Different State
A relatively still valuable backlink is a same industry business that’s located in a different state. A Texas plumber having a backlink to the Billings, Montana plumber would still be a valuable backlink, of course ranked number five on this list.
6. Different Industry / Different State
A rather low-level backlink, but one that still has some value would be a different industry business located in a different state. This might be an auto mechanic located in Florida linking to the plumber located in Billings, Montana.
7. Same Industry / Different Country
Near the bottom of this value list, is same industry located in a different country. A plumber in the UK linking to the plumber in Billings, Montana wouldn’t offer a whole lot of value, but might be worth while none-the-less.
8. Different Industry / Different Country
At the very bottom of this list of valuable backlinks, is a different industry located in a different country. A restaurant in Mumbai, India linking to the plumber in Billings, Montana will add almost no value at all, and may not even worth doing.
So that’s the whole list of backlinks in order of value according to location and industry. It’s important to think about this when looking for backlinks for your business. Want to get a bunch of local backlinks for the Billings area? Check out our proprietary SEO backlink Club program, located here.