Social Media SEO

Does social media play in SEO? Why certainly it does!

Every social media page for your business is considered real estate and is valuable. Whenever a blog post or a new page is created on a website, it’s good practice to post this on the businesses social media pages as a link.

What this does is create SEO juice from the social media site to your website. Some people don’t think that social media sites pass along SEO juice. I tend to disagree, and feel that there is value in these links, even if nobody ever visits and clicks on them.

Of course, when people do click on the links and go to your website, that would naturally translate into value. All traffic to your website is good from the search engine standpoint and for search rankings. Even personal profiles that share a link from your website create more value for your search rankings.

It’s all in the algorithms that go on behind the scene. Google and Bing are trying to figure out what is popular with people and therefore which businesses to push to the front of the line in search. So don’t discount social media sites!

Share, share, share is always the best policy. The more social media sites that you’re on and the more times that you can share links on to those pages the better your rankings are going to be.

It’s also important to note, that pages with high amounts of likes or friends on them are going to carry a heavier weight than ones that are brand new and have nobody on them. For example, if you get a very popular blogger with a blue check mark by their name, meaning that they are certified as a popular person, to share your link from your blog, this can have huge implications in your search rankings.

It can also create sales and popularity on the web, which Google is going to be looking at. Now, not all of us can be so lucky as to get a share like this, but it’s all about the practice of pushing the content out to the different social media sites.

As a matter of fact, as soon as this blog is ready to go it will be shared among our various social media pages. If you look at the bottom of this post, you’ll noticed some social media share buttons. Feel free to share this post if you like. I’ll use those same share buttons to push the content out after the post is published. This makes the process easier and is a good recommendation for your blog as well.

So get social I say!